20 Wonderful Wedding Favour Ideas That’ll Save You So Much Money

Organizing a wedding can be nightmarish but when it comes to favours, they shouldn’t cause that much stress. That’s why I went and sourced the most popular wedding favour ideas for you to use for your big day. The best part? They won’t break the bank. Whether you want some food ideas, personalised wedding favours or even little plants, we’ve got you covered in this list. 


20 Wonderful Wedding Favour Ideas That’ll Save You So Much Money


Wedding Favour Ideas; Personalised Packaging, Gift Tags and Stickers: 


personalised gift tags for wedding guests

These little personalised gift tags work out at less than 2p per tag! Prefer to DIY your wedding favours? Having cheap tags like this can really make a lasting impression with your guests.


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Personalised shot glasses for wedding guests

Custom shot glasses are a great way to give away something incredibly memorable for less than 60p per glass. You don’t have to settle for this shape of the shot glass, there are lots available to choose from and they’re all incredibly reasonably priced. 


personalised chair tags - wedding decoration

I’m rather obsessed with these personalised wedding chair signs that were featured in this post with 100 wedding favours under £1


personalised cookie bags

If you prefer to dish out some baked goods, personalised favour bags will go down a treat. featured in this rather marvellous post from Real Weddings all about 50p wedding favours


personalised wedding stickers

If you’ve already ordered your paper bags, these personalised stickers would work just as well. 


Wedding favors - personalised wine corks

If you really want to impress the pants off your guests, personalised wine stoppers are incredibly popular. They’re also a marvellous way to mark the occasion. My aunt has one from a cousin’s wedding that she still uses 20 years later. 


Food Wedding Favour Ideas: 


Drink and be merry

wedding favours - tea tubes

If some of your guests happen to suffer from chronic illness or they’re a tee-totaller *ahem to both*, getting actual tea like this is amazing. It’s useful, beautifully presented and it’s a best seller. So we know it’s incredibly popular! 


Wedding favour - personalised coffee bags

Depending on your heritage, tea or coffee is going to be more popular within certain groups of your friends and family. You could easily split the difference and buy half of your guest’s tea and a half with these personalised bags of coffee. If they don’t like what they have, they can always swap.


Let Them Eat Everything

'Mint to be' personalised wedding favours Etsy

These Mint To Be wedding favour ideas are quite possibly some of my fave! If you have 300 guests, these work out just over 32p per favour. Not bad huh? 


doughtnut wall wedding favour idea

I would love to wake up to a wall of doughnuts every single morning. This doughnut wall is an excellent way to offer food for your guests when they arrive at the reception. Generally, the time between the marriage and the reception is loooong. The professional photographer will whisk you away, so feeding the masses early is advised. 


sugared almonds as a wedding favour idea + hand stamped personalised tags

You can easily make 100 of these pretty cheaply. Amazon is a great place to source jars for making wedding favours. All you need now are sugared almonds, gift tags, twine, shearing scissors (to prevent the fabric fraying) and fabric scraps if you’re going the DIY route. 

Alternatively, some Etsy sellers have done the hard work for you;

chic wedding favour idea

These tubes are so luxurious and those personalised tags are absolutely stunning. Even if you were going the DIY route, with all of the supplies to make something like this, they’re a great price. 


wedding favours - chic sweet jars

Sweets never fail, with grown-ups and children alike. It’s easy to share sweets in style! 


Wedding Favours That Can Be Used After The Big Day: 

wedding favour idea - personalised names on perspex

These perspex names are so impressive! They’re also a fab idea to use as a wedding favour because they can be used as personalised coasters after the event. At approx £1.25 each, they’re a bit of a bargain and you could easily limit these favours for the top table.


Wedding favour - personalised soap bars

Personalised bars of soap are a wedding favour I would love to receive. They’re far more useful than that old classic; sugared almonds. 


wedding favour idea  - Personalised coozies

Depending on the time of year your wedding is, personalised drink coozies could be very useful, especially in hot weather. 


Succulent wedding favour ideas

Potted succulents are an adorable little favour to offer on your wedding day. I would be thrilled to receive all of these. Grab a little scrap ribbon and tie it around the pot with a personalised tag. Boom. Done and done. 


sow the seeds of love - wedding favour ideas

Sowing the seeds of love is a rather romantic idea, so of course, it’s perfect for a wedding. It’s a very touching symbol to represent your happy day. 


Antique key bottle opener wedding favour

These are BOTTLE OPENERS!!!! How cool are these?! I don’t even drink and I want one of each. If you go for these bad boys as your wedding favours, you get free tags. Check out all of the information here.


Wedding favour ideas - personalised candles

Personalised candles are incredibly popular because they provide a deep and caring connection to your guests. The majority of people will be incredibly grateful for the thought that has gone into your wedding favour ideas! 


What wedding favour ideas are you drawn to the most? 

If I were hosting a wedding reception, I think I would offer succulents because I love them. They symbolise hope, growth, care and tenderness which is the perfect symbol for your wedding day. 

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