33 (DIY) Ways to Organize Everything in Your Life

Organization is one of those must-dos for me at the beginning of each year. Anyone else?

The need for organization is real right now. And I don’t know if it’s because I’m on an organizing kick after making my DIY standing desk or I just have a messy house in need of attention. But either way, sometimes you just need a clean slate. Right?

I mean, remember how last year, everyone with a Netflix subscription was jumping on the Marie Kondo tidying up train? There’s a reason for that! Getting organized feels like more than just tidying up. It feels like taking control of your life. Kinda. I think? Stay with me!

Whether you’re on some deeper quest to gain control OR you really just want to organize your craft room, bedroom, bathroom, etc – this list is for you!

It’s filled with accessible ideas that will help you get it together – a big list of organizational ideas that you can DIY. Here are 33 organizational ideas that you can totally DIY – from clothing racks to hanging wall organizers, trays, and jewelry stands!

1. This DIY hanging wall organizer looks good AND keep things organized – which can be a challenge in a craft room or office space. The thing I love most about this canvas organizer though is that you use it for so many things – from sorting mail to hanging hammers. Plus, you can customize the size to suit your needs in any room of the house.

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Clothing Rack #organization #organized

2. This clothing rack DIY from Weekday Carnival is great for extra clothes that don’t fit in the closet. And it would be a good option for a guest bedroom without a closet as well.

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Bathroom Organizer for the Wall #organization #organized

3. The DIY bathroom organization I made from a couple pieces of wood and leather scarps is still one of my favorite DIY organizers ever. This DIY bathroom caddy is perfect for small spaces. You put on your makeup in the mirror, have a place for you toothbrush AND perfume / beauty stuff, and hang towels to dry all at the same time.

4. Maybe a DIY standing desk, with lots of storage, is more your thing? What I love most about this Ikea hack is the fact that the storage is closed, so you can be as messy as you want inside and no one will know.

BUT of course, you’re not going to be messy….your going to be organized because that’s what this whole post in about. Right? Wink, wink!

5. And speaking of keeping those cabinets organized, you can turn old shoe boxes into really cute fabric organizer boxes. I use these exact ones in my desk cabinets and they work so well for receipts, scissors, markers, and other small(ish) items.

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Magazine Rack #organization #organized

6. I love minimal design like this x shape magazine rack that keeps things tidy and clutter-free while looking cool. This project is from HomeDIT.

7. These DIY leather pouches are perfect for organizing makeup items and other small things (like craft supplies). They’re be super cute painted too, if you’re looking for something more colorful.

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: Modern DIY Desk Organizer. #organization #organized

8. Another minimal design for a typically ugly product. This modern DIY desk organizer is one of my all time favorites for keeping things handy on your desk without taking up too much space (or making your eyes want to cry with ugliness).

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: How to Organize Your Junk Drawer. #organization #organized

9. We all have that crazy junk drawer that is filled to the brim with crap. Right?

So the next time your drawers start to overflow, check out this 5 minute tutorial for how to organize your junk drawer. It’s really easy and very satisfying when it’s all said and done.

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Storage Boxes. #organization #organized

10. Covering old boxes with decorative paper is a great way to reuse what you already have, while taming the clutter. I love these wallpaper covered boxes for storage from Homey Oh My.

And if you want to try something with fabric, try my fabric covered storage boxes (number 5 on the list).

11. Love the idea of a desk, but one something more modern? Try this DIY desk idea for a modern option with unique storage.

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Rollup Organizer. #organization #organized

12. A DIY rollup organizer is great for keeping craft supplies organized. But you can also use it as a rollup for reusable items you want to take with you on the go – like reusable utensils and straws, etc.

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Ikea Hack to Tame the Clutter. #organization #organized

13. Hide the clutter with this DIY Ikea hack from September Edit. Isn’t it pretty? Now I’m wondering if I could do something similar with the cabinets for my DIY standing desk. Hmmm.

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Clothing Rack #organization #organized

14. Don’t have a dedicated closet? No worries – try this wooden clothing rack project from The Merrythought. It’s cute and functional.

15. This back to school project is perfect for organizing kid’s items (like hats and homework), along with keeping messages and reminders up.

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Makeup Caddy. #organization #organized

16. I’ve used this DIY makeup organizer to store my most-used makeup brushes and glosses in the bathroom for years and it’s still holding up well after all this time.

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Entryway Organization. #organization #organized

17. Grab some crates and make this easy entryway organization from The Merrythought.33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Cork Caddies. #organization #organized

18. Made these geometric organizers out of cork in my old office and they worked great. It’s kind of nice to have a soft, natural element like this hanging near your desk, don’t you think?

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Half Circle Wall Shelves. #organization #organized

19. This unique DIY wood shelving (half circles) idea has been perfect for Hayes’ nursery. And it’s actually really easy to make too. Plus, you don’t even have to nail them into the wall.

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Kitchen Organization. #organization #organized

20. Grab a paint pen and customize your kitchen organization in minutes with this idea from A Beautiful Mess.

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Magazine and Book Organization. #organization #organized

21. Loving these minimal modern magazine and book rack DIY from The Merrythought.

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Wall Organization. #organization #organized

22. I have hung sooooo many things on this DIY hanging wall organizer in the bedroom. Hats, backpacks, jackets, you name it! It’s like a mini closet that actually looks good.

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Jewelry Stand. #organization #organized

23. Turns out, you can make a two-tier jewelry stand in just a few minutes. AND it’s an Ikea hack!

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Zig Zag Coat and Purse Rack. #organization #organized

24. I think this DIY zig zag coat and bag rack from Almost Makes Perfect is really clever. I love the personality that comes through from just a simple zig zag.

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Desk Paper Organizer. #organization #organized

25. A DIY desk organizer for paper, that also serves as a paperweight? Yes, please. This is one of my favorite organizing desk accessories to date. I made it years ago, and still comes with me every time we move.

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Hanging Organizer. #organization #organized

26. Love this minimal hanging organizer DIY for paperwork, etc from Burkatron.

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Mood Board Office Organizer. #organization #organized

27. Giant mood board organizer?! Check!

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Hanging Wall Organizer. #organization #organized

28. Here’s a bathroom version of my hanging DIY wall organizer. I could use this in every room of the house, to be honest. So easy to make (and budget-friendly).

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Basket Storage. #organization #organized

29. Who couldn’t use a little extra DIY basket storage? And this one adds a little something soft and fuzzy to your typical storage containers.

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Yarn Bowl. #organization #organized

30. These 10 minute DIY yarn bowls are one of my favorite things. They look so sculptural and take up almost no room at all when not in use.

31. A DIY jewelry dish made of what? These terra-cotta babies have been nestled on my nightstand since I made them. I use the flat dishes for jewelry and my glasses. And then the deeper vase like ones are for matches and little craft supplies (chalk, paint, etc).

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Custom Built-Ins. #organization #organized

32. Remember back when I had my loft studio space and shared how to make custom built-ins. This was one of my favorite projects in this space. It completely transformed the functionality (and the look).

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Wall Hooks. #organization #organized

33. DIY wall hooks to organize your entryway (that don’t look like wall hooks). I love that they wall hooks just look like wood baubles on the wall when nothing is hanging on them. Kind of like jewelry for your walls.  

34. If you’re a leather-lover, this simple wall organizer is a cute one to try. I used my Cricut maker to cut all the pieces to make it even easier. But you can also cut the pieces by hand if you don’t have that machine.

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Grid Rack Storage. #organization #organized

35. Use a metal grid for hanging hats, scarves, and more. Have you seen these at local stores, like Urban Outfitters and The Container Store? 

33 Ways to Organize Your Life: DIY Peg Rail Organizer. #organization #organized

36. If you’ve been around here long, you know that I absolutely love a good DIY peg rail organizer. I have so many of these – some bought and some DIY. They’re so functional and cute, it’s hard to resist.

37. More DIY baskets, but these are amongst my absolute favorites. Plus, you can use this dyeing technique on larger size basket as well.

Which one if your favorite? How do you stay organized in the new year?

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