5 Types Of Flooring For Your Dream Craft Room Remodel

Are you in search of different types of flooring that you can use in your craft room or studio space? Perhaps you’re just in need of flooring ideas for a room in your house that needs sprucing up. In this guide, we cover the 5 most popular types of flooring that you can buy plus how easy they are to install.

Of course, my Craft Room has white laminate flooring which my Dad and husband installed quite easily.

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5 Types Of Flooring For Your Dream Craft Room Remodel

Decorating your craft room floor for artistic inspiration, easy cleaning, and functionality

Heart Handmade UK Craft Room - 2014

Your craft room is probably a place that you spend most of your free time or it should be.  If your blank walls and boring floor are no longer inspiring or motivate you, it might be time for a change.  Having quality flooring options is always a great idea. Please note that if you’re on a tight budget, getting your flooring from somewhere like Lowe’s works too.

Most crafty people are artistic, and artists need inspiration.  Looking at four white walls and a basic carpet is hardly inspiring.

So, agreeing that your floor should allow inspiration and light flow in, it should also be functional.  Basic carpet is hardly a functional material for arts and crafts, by any means.

It doesn’t matter if you are sewing or painting, craft room flooring should never be basic carpet. There are too many ways to lose things in the carpet loops and you might end up ruining it completely.


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Make your walls beautiful for your new craft room floor

There are a number of things you can do with your floor, but your walls should not be basic either.  If you are going to have a new and functional floor, shouldn’t your wall be functional too? Chalkboard paint can be a fun and functional wall material for your craft room.  Painting your walls to be used as a dry erase board can be functional as well.


You could, of course, go with something like tiles, which can be functional if you use grease pencils a lot.  It is also easy to clean, and you can use decorative tiles for a beautiful look. Depending on how you do your floor, you may want to look into using one of these materials for your wall.


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Organize your craft room so that you have easy access to your materials and space

Once you get new floors in your crafting room you are going to want to have your room organized for easy access to your materials. 


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These items are fairly cheap but can be placed pretty much anywhere and they are fairly compact.  We recommend that you use the plastic drawers as it is better for organization, but plastic totes work really well for mass amounts of materials, like yarn. 


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A few of these drawers and totes can turn your craft room from a boring mess to an organized workspace.


5 Types Of Flooring For Your Craft Room 


The first of the 5 types of flooring; Concrete

Concrete flooring can be a great idea for craft rooms.  These floors do not trap needles and are fairly easy to clean if something is spilt, as long as it is sealed properly. 

Painted concrete floor

Concrete can be designed for any budget, has unlimited creative options and will last 50+ years with little maintenance.


Lino Tiles

The Second Type Of Flooring; Linoleum 

Linoleum is another wonderful idea for craft room floors.  This is because linoleum is extremely easy to clean. It also comes in a variety of tiles and you can choose the one you like the best.  Linoleum is also very durable.


Parquet Flooring


Hardwood flooring is a really good flooring type for craft rooms.  As long as it is treated it is easy to clean and will not hide needles.  This type of flooring can be more expensive than others, but it is durable and long-lasting.


Vinyl Flooring

Floor Type No.4; Vinyl 

Vinyl flooring is another type of flooring that can be easy to clean and is durable.  Vinyl is a cheaper flooring that works wonderfully in a craft room setting and is another flooring you can customize.  Vinyl flooring is stain and water-resistant, plus it is comfortable under the foot. It is also a very common type of flooring, due to its nature. 


Tiled Flooring

The Final of The 5 Types Of Flooring; Tile 

Tile flooring is very easy to clean and if you choose tile for your walls you can have fun matching assorted colors.  The one problem with tile is that if you work with pottery or heavy art equipment and you drop things, the floor may crack and need to be replaced.  Other than this factor, tile is very durable and very resistant to general wear and tear.


Large area rug covering carpet
Renting? You can always hide ugly carpet with a beautiful rug

How to choose what floor suits you the most

There are a few things you need to consider when choosing what type of flooring you would like for your craft room.  Durability is a big one. If you’re a painter, you might not need a floor that is as durable as a potter or sculptor but it is important to check if there are grooves in the wood.

When I get paint on the floor, it sometimes bleeds into the little grains and it can be difficult to remove without chemicals. A smooth surface would mean you could easily remove all of it with a paint scraper.

Types of flooring

Ease of cleanliness is another thing you should check out when looking for new flooring.  If you are a painter, a floor that is easy to clean might be a good idea. The last thing you should look at is the style of your floor.  Do you want your floor to be in style as well as functional?


Your new and improved, inspiring and easy to clean craft room

Once you have chosen the type of flooring you want, then the walls and organized, you will have your fully functional craft room.  You have to decide whether you want style, functionality, durability, or a floor that’s easy to clean. Remember, your craft room floor should suit you, it is your craft room after all.


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