6 Ways To Use Personalised Ribbon To Wow Every One You Know!

When it comes to personalised ribbon, there are so many ways you can use it. Recently, I was lucky enough to be sent the Brother P Touch PTH200 Craft and I am obsessed. Poopers is also obsessed with anything peeled off the adhesive tapes and of course, her very own personalised ribbon with her name on it.

Today, I want to cover 6 epic ways to use this ribbon to decorate, wrap and even help you make more money in your Etsy store. Whether you’re a crafter, an Etsy seller or you sell a lot on eBay or Amazon, there are so many uses for this label printer, it’s not even funny. Watch the video if you don’t believe me.


6 Ways To Use Personalised Ribbon To Wow Every One You Know! 


What I love most about having a way to personalise printed ribbon, is that it can replace gift tags forever. It is so much kinder to the environment because you can always nab the ribbons back and reuse them. Not only that but receiving a gift with personalisation on the packaging can be so meaningful and a lovely way to show that you care during gift-giving seasons.


How To Print On Ribbon:

Watch the video to see all of these in action and how to customise your own printed ribbon.

Use ‘label5’ on Rymans website until December 31st and you can get a further £5 off the current discounted price of the P-touch Craft – so that is £15 off altogether! Bargain or what?!



More About The Brother P-Touch Craft PTH200

This label and ribbon printer is able to personalise ribbons and decorative labels 12mm wide. You can add customised messages in different fonts and emojis or symbols. There are even borders to choose from. You can also print in a variety of widths from 6mm 9mm or 12mm. The cartridges also come as laminated style tape which is great to add to calendars, boxes, planners, bullet journals, basically, any project that uses washi tape or you’d like to add a label to.

You will see from the video I created that it’s SO EASY TO USE! It takes 6 AAA batteries and you can literally change the cartridges in 3 seconds flat. When you purchase your machine, you will receive a roll of 12mm Gold on a white ribbon so don’t forget to add extra cartridges to your basket if you want different colours.


Create a custom coupon code for your Etsy Store - customer reward
Use the Brother PTH200 to create custom coupon codes for your customers to save money off their next purchase

Earn More Money Thanks To Your Ribbon Printing Machine As A Seller

Use your machine to make some satin printed ribbon to attach to products such as blankets, hats or textiles as a little label that displays a custom coupon code for your buyer. Giving a buyer a personalised code is another great way to connect with the buyer and increases the likelihood that they will buy from you again. It’s a fantastic use of ribbons or the laminated tape.

Choose from a wide range of tape colours and print that personalised ribbon fast! There are a lot of customisation options available in this handheld printing machine so you can type out your custom code in a matter of seconds and instantly print a little ribbon or tape to attach to your products.


Customised washing instructions for handmade items
You can use the Brother PTH200 to create Customised washing instructions for handmade items

Add Custom Ribbons, Printed To Show Instructions or ‘Handmade By’

If you’re a crafter who gives items as gifts or even selling online, using this printer to add washing instructions or a cute message is a great way to connect with the end-user of your product and give potentially valuable information.

Examples include; “I have no idea how to wash this”, “hand wash only”, or even “enjoy responsibly”. ‘Enjoy responsibly’ is a great label for knitting needles or other craft supplies that could accidentally turn into a weapon.


Create ribbon ties for bottle and jar favours.
Create ribbon ties for bottle and jar favours.

Use Ribbon, Personalised For Favours (Wedding, Baby Shower, You Name It)

This one’s so easy! If you have any type of favour, it will require some sort of tag to identify what it is, how it’s for or why it’s there. Using the special customisation options on the machine, you can easily print ribbon with a personalised message on it. You can even print white on clear, gold on pink, gold on white, silver glitter and practically any colour you like, most of them are covered! How cool is that? But I’ll get to that later.


personalised ribbon
Of course, the first personalised ribbon I made was for Poopers. She wouldn’t wear it but it hangs in a fully opened cardboard box that she uses as a tunnel and it’s the best toy ever!

Use Printed Ribbon To Wrap Gifts

Using the different settings, choose a new font, symbols or a border to match the gift giving period; either Christmas or Birthdays usually. Of course, this can be used on all gifts; wedding, new baby, graduation etc. I know for a fact that my mum will lose her mind and feel incredibly special when she knows that I created that printed ribbon on her gift.

Personalisation has become incredibly popular recently, and with good reason. It’s an amazing way to create a deep connection with someone, even if they’re friends or family members. It sends a message, that you thought about them, for longer than two seconds and that you really care. You may enjoy the process of making printed ribbon or making gifts, but it all shows that you care and that’s the most important thing in fostering healthy relationships.


Change the text orientation on the ribbons
Change Orientation Of Text


Organizing tins with personalised laminated tape

Use Ribbon To Organise Your Home

I ended up using the laminated tape that’s available in white text on clear, which is ideal for labelling tins and different storage items in my craft room or even in the kitchen. Depending on the size of the tape and containers you choose, you could literally organise all of the tubs and storage boxes on your home with these nifty labels.

The laminated labels are durable and waterproof which are the two requirements of organizational labels! In 2012, I organised my entire pantry with printable labels, but over the years they faded and got quite a bit of water damage from wet hands grabbing containers while cooking. These laminated tapes are great quality so they’re the ideal solution.


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Using laminated, customised washi style tape with the Brother P Touch PTH200 to organize your planner

Use The Printed Tape In Your Planner

I’m very excited to use these tapes within my planner and on my calendar. Truthfully, I’m obsessed with using a planner. I even have a membership site where I sell printable planner layouts and collections every single month so I will definitely be using all of the tapes I received to colour code my life in 2020!


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Using the brother label and ribbon printer to create custom messages for customers



As mentioned in my introduction, I was sent this label printer and told to get creative. I honestly was not expecting to love it as much as I did. For the past few weeks I’ve been in ‘decluttering mode’ and everywhere I look, I see items to get rid of and opportunities to use my label and ribbon printer all over my house. I’ve also got 3 large pages in my notebook filled with ideas of how I’m going to use this bad boy, I just have to stock up on more tapes. The gold on dark ribbon looks amazing and very luxurious, so that’s next on my list.

Don’t forget that you can save £15 off your machine at the moment, before December 31st 2019! Use the discount code ‘label5’ on Rymans website.

Do you have some fun ideas of how you’re going to use your Brother ribbon maker?? Tell me in the comments below.

Personalised ribbons using the Brother P-Touch PTH200 - A Video List!

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