Need Tile Flooring? Here’s Everything You Should Consider Before Making A Decision

Everyone dreams of living in a bright beautiful house with perfectly finished decor, possibly with stunning tile flooring. Once you have the house, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of choice available. It’s a good idea to start at the basics.

Good tile flooring forms the foundation of any decorating theme in a kitchen or bathroom. So it’s vital to get the flooring right. One aspect is selecting the right materials as there are so many different variations of tile flooring available. 


Need Tile Flooring? Here’s Everything You Should Consider Before Making A Decision

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You have no idea how much inner strength it took to not make a pun in that title. Pick the flooring depending on the purpose of the room, your budget and lifestyle. It’s a good idea to know what you’re looking for before you make a purchasing decision. Want to choose vinyl floors that look like stone or a ceramic tile? Here are all of your considerations:


Consider Your Location And The Potential Effects On Tile Flooring

Where you live is important when it comes to choosing floors. How’s the climate? Are you seeing the effects of climate change on your indoor environment?  Is there a risk of flooding? Are there any businesses around you that burn things a lot? Knowing these factors will help you figure out the best types of tiles to choose from. 

Knowing that your house is situated in a moist area will give you a variety of choices available. As long as you pick a material that will not rot like stone, granite or marble, you will be fine. However, if you live in a colder climate, like Scotland or Northern Ireland, then you can use a carpet, laminate with underfloor padding and rugs or vinyl tiles. 


Style and Taste Can Be A Big Factor When Choosing Tile Flooring 

Your house should reflect your style. Do you like contemporary Scandinavian styles or a more traditional look? If your budget allows it, a hardwood flooring is a great idea. However,  when we moved into our new house, it had a lovely hardwood floor. 

I. hate. it. 

Northern Ireland is grey 90% of the time and I wanted (still want) a white floor. Similar to the floor that’s in my craft room except with cushioned underlay. White flooring bounces light around. Do you want to bounce the light? You can’t get that with a hardwood floor unless you paint it. Bamboo floors or laminate floors are a cheaper option. Laminate, vinyl tile and floor tiles are easiest to clean.


Popular flooring options:

Vinyl Floors 

An excellent budget-friendly option, vinyl is easily one of the most versatile types of flooring available. It is extremely durable, very easy to clean and can look like anything.


Get These Tiles On Etsy

Peel and Stick Vinyl Tiles 

These are fast becoming my favourite type of flooring available. Not just for flooring, you can also get peel and stick vinyl tiles for your walls. They come in so many different designs, colours and patterns and are incredibly simple to install. 


Get This Vinyl Roll On Etsy

Vinyl Roll Flooring/Linoleum Instead Of Tiles

Lino flooring is durable, incredibly easy to look after and can be added to any room in your room depending on the purpose of the room. Vinyl is the ideal easy to maintain flooring for your home.


Ceramic Tiles 

These tiles are made of clay; red or white. Ceramic tiles work well in several rooms; bathroom, laundry room, porch, conservatory or the kitchen. The colours and patterns are then added with a special glaze. These run the risk of cracking so be sure to assess how much family traffic will be running around, are any wheelchairs going to be going over the tile? Consider how you live and whether you run the risk of breaking a tile. 


Check the foundations

You will want your flooring to remain firm and stable, so checking that your foundations are strong enough to support it. Firstly, fix the foundation of any defects. If there is going to be quite a lot of family traffic you will want to ensure that it is resistant to wear and tear.


Garage flooring

This is one room that is most neglected because it’s too easy to ignore. We’re only in there to get our vehicles, tools or storing outdoor stuff. The right flooring can transform it into a functioning room. If the concrete flooring is unprotected, you will end up doing repairs quite often as it is prone to cracking. Moisture can be disastrous to concrete flooring so make sure you make the right choice.


Your budget

Don’t ever go over budget. If you did, Kevin McCloud would happily make fun of your terrible decisions while talking to the camera and standing right beside you. Staying in budget though does not mean you can’t have quality materials. Wholesalers often sell in bulk so there’s a chance you could get a good discount. Can’t haggle? Give me a call and I’ll let you borrow my mum. 

Don’t forget that compromising on quality can cost you later when repairs are required. Do your homework prior to going so you know what you’re looking for.



Finally, Choosing The Right Tile Flooring Can Be Daunting


Just remember the tips from above. Ask the questions before visiting a showroom. A children’s playroom can have a rubber floor while your hall can be carpeted or tiled. By customizing the flooring to the purpose of the room, you can’t go wrong. Every room requires a sturdy floor that acts as the absolute foundation of your decor. So remember to keep the theme of the room in mind while selecting the right flooring and good luck!  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask below!

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5 Types Of Website Optimization For Bloggers Ready To Level Up

Nothing can be more useful than a set of tools connected with website optimization and web content creation. This is where TemplateMonster enters the game. Nowadays, everyone is free to take advantage of their services to simplify many tasks. Today, I am going to speak about five website content creations and website optimization services that you might find useful. Let me explain all the necessary details about them and help you to make the right choice.


Website Optimization Services

On Page SEO Services

On Page SEO Services

Writing a well-optimized content for multiple search engines can turn out to be complicated. What happens if your content is not well-written? Unfortunately, your attempts to create an advanced and user-friendly website are worth nothing. For this reason, it would help if you opted for On-Page SEO Services.


Website optimization - increase your reach

How Does On-Page SEO Service Work?

  1. First of all, TemplateMonster asks to provide its professional team with the essential details. These are a few questions in terms of your business and general SEO goals. It takes no more than fifteen minutes.
  2. Then, it is a turn for working with web content creation and SEO strategy. You are going to receive a content plan, some helpful recommendations, and optimization suggestions. In addition to this, you get a chance to know everything about your website performance. It happens thanks to an account in Google Search Console. After approving the keywords, the team will start making your SEO better. What does it include? There are some unique meta tags, specific URLs, and content crafted for your pages. Finally, you get a sitemap and a robot.txt file that you need to approve. This process takes from five to fifteen business days.
  3. After getting the approval, you need to transfer these new texts to your online-project to submit it for re-indexing. The team is going to monitor your website for two weeks after the end of website optimization.


How Much On Page SEO Services Cost?

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Order On Page SEO Service


Website optimization - speed

Website Speed Optimization Services

It seems to me that many people need to make their online-project work faster. Without a doubt, a slow page is not the best feature of your website. Together with a speed-up service, it is possible to provide your online-project with some improvements. There is no need to get a better hosting account for this website optimization method. You do not need to think about changing a CMS. TemplateMonster promises to work on the following points:

  • increasing your website speed;
  • making sure you improve your search results ranking;
  • boosting your conversion rates.

How is everything possible? The modifications include:

  • optimizing your web content;
  • compressing images;
  • deleting unnecessary plugins;
  • minimizing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files;
  • and other things.


How Does Website Speed Optimization Service Work?

  1. The team needs to get all the necessary details to access your admin panel and hosting account.
  2. It takes up to five business days to work on making your page speed better. You can always check the progress of the search engine optimization by getting in touch with your manager.
  3. When the team performs all the steps, it will ask you to approve the results. If you want to make some changes, there is one free revision to use.


How Much Does Website Speed Optimization Service Cost?

Speed optimization - pricing

Order Website Speed Optimization


Website optimization - design audit

Branding of your website is something that you need to take care of. Making a great impression on your target audience is also crucial. For this reason, you might want to understand how people perceive your online-project. Does it guarantee a marvellous user-experience or not? Are your visitors comfortable browsing your pages? Thanks to this type of service, TemplateMonster is going to analyze the following aspects:

  • website layouts;
  • navigation;
  • such digital content as images, video, and audio;
  • a logo, colours, fonts, and icons;
  • branding.


How Does Professional Website Design Audit Work?

  1. After making a purchase, the team requires you to give your URL and FTP details. Furthermore, it will ask you to give your admin panel details. After this, your website analysis is going to start.
  2. Professionals will analyse all the points connected with the user-experience. I have already mentioned them on the top. The team will provide you with a report that consists of all the details and recommendations.
  3. The detailed website design audit report includes many points connected with website optimization. You are free to make all the desired changes after getting familiar with the suggestions.


How Much Professional Website Design Audit Cost?

Web design audit pricing

Order Website Design Audit


Web Content Creation

Website content writing services

Website Content Writing

It would be best if you learned one crucial fact. A beautiful website does not ensure getting the highest rankings in search results. To attract people, you need to write attention-grabbing texts. As you can understand, I am going to focus your attention on web content creation services. TemplateMonster has not only skilled SEO specialists. It also has a team of experienced copywriters who can write texts on different topics. You are the one to control the whole process and make sure everything suits your taste.

Website creation content ensures a perfect conversion rate optimization. All the search engines will notice your website and your texts. In general, this service provides two tools in one package:

  • copywriting (up to five relevant keywords that your online-project can rank for);
  • up to 1000 words of unique text for your website.


How Does Web Content Writing Service Work?

  1. To start with, a support representative gets your order details. Then, he or she creates a Google Doc that has a website layouts scheme. You are free to select the pages for which a copywriter needs to write a text.
  2. The team is going to research niche-specific keywords. When you approve of them, a copywriter starts writing texts using these keywords.
  3. You need to revise the texts very carefully after getting them. If something is wrong, you are free to inform the team about the desired changes.


How Much Web Content Writing Cost?

Order Content Writing 


Social Media Writing

Website optimization - social media writing services

TemplateMonster also provides another essential type of web content creation. I am talking about social media writing services. It might be hard to update your profiles regularly. Would it be excellent if one delivers you a set of posts for Instagram and Facebook? In this case, you can turn to the competent assistance of TemplateMonster. 


Website optimization - get expert help

What does Social Media Writing Service include?

  1. Nine posts for Instagram.
  2. Nine posts for Facebook.
  3. Each package for the social network has 1300 words.
  4. Convincing and grammatically correct texts.
  5. Keywords plan and hashtags.


How Much Social Media Writing Service Cost?

Social media writing service cost

Order Social Media Writing


Website optimization - SEO Expert


I think all of these web content creation and website optimization services deserve your attention. They have pretty affordable prices and allow saving lots of time. Keep in mind that it is a talented team that is going to perform all of them. I hope that these high-quality services have managed to engross you. Thanks for reading!

Website optimization - experts

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Alleviate Your Anxiety By Using A Journal To Clear Your Busy Brain

If you struggle to alleviate your anxiety day to day, keeping a journal might be the answer. In the past, many people separated themselves from the stigmatism that comes with anxiety, but the reality is that it affects us all. The stress, pressures, fears, and expectations that come with being a person in this world are unavoidable.


Alleviate Your Anxiety By Using A Journal To Clear Your Busy Brain


Self Care Bingo

Understanding Anxiety and the Different Ways to Use Journaling to Manage the Mind


Some cases of anxiety are more severe than others and encourage the idea that we should all be willing to understand it better. When we understand the struggles that come with mental health, we can address them. When we address them, we can find ways to make them manageable and actually change our lives for the better.

Please note that this page may contain affiliate links

After suffering a breakdown in 2014 (my second, btw before I turned 28), I discovered mindfulness and the power of journaling and I haven’t looked back. It truly transformed my life for the better and I’ve been mentally strong and able to cope with life so much better. 


Alleviate Anxiety With A Journal & Add New Perspective

Navigating the complexities of what defines truth and false beliefs, you need to understand that these thoughts can be holding you back. Write down what your mind is telling you. Then, write down three separate truths in a journal will reinforce perspective.

After doing this, it’s pretty easy to actually recognise the truth. When you are not sure where to start, you start by writing your thoughts down in general terms. Like a free-flow writing exercise. Pour your heart out. 


Thoughts are not facts - Ruby Wax Quote

Implementing Journaling into Your Routine is as Simple as Starting

Starting anything new can be overwhelming so here are a few tips to get you moving in the right direction:

  • Start small. You don’t have to write a novel. When it comes to writing down your thoughts, even 5-15 minutes can make a huge difference.
  • Write the things you wish you could say out loud to the world. Write down the things that are concerning you.
  • You can also begin to describe what is happening in your mind and around you. Most anxiety does not come from what has occurred, but the fear of what is going to happen. If you can sit down and write how you feel in the moment, you may be able to identify exactly which direction your anxious thoughts are coming from.


Drink coffee and journal

Write Down Your To-Do List and then Prioritize Your Self-care First

Now that you have laid out the feelings and emotions associated with your anxiety, you are in the right space to make a list. This can be very overwhelming when you start but write it out anyway. Put all your expectations and responsibilities for the upcoming days. 


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Alright, take three deep breaths and then mark off anything that can be done later this week. Now, mark off anything that can be completed tomorrow. Next, all tasks can be done in a few hours. 

By the time you get to the last few or one task, ask yourself, 

“What can I do for myself before starting and completing this task.”


Showing An Attitude Of Gratitude

Being able to write down the things that you are grateful helps you ground your thoughts and see that although you may be struggling, you can persist. 

I encourage you to take some time to write down 5 things you could be taking for granted. Now allow yourself to appreciate those things and be mindful of the impact your practice is having on your anxiety.


Make Time For Yourself - woman having fun

Are you willing to take the time to take care of you?

The reality is, it is up to you to acknowledge that you need to take steps to work through the unsettledness. As much as I wish there was a simple fix or immediate solution, the process of growth is one that you have to be open to for anything to change. So, take this one step. Do it for you. 

Take a pen and paper or laptop and allow your mind to give its discontent to the universe through words.


Gratitude Journal and star earrings
About The Author

An avid writer, Beatrix Potter has an interesting perspective when it comes to her work and her dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

There are other options than meditating -- ever tried journaling?

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Marvellous Mother’s Day Cards Made Easy On A Budget

What type of mother’s day cards will you send to your Mother that will make her feel amazing? The idea of a mother’s day card is to display how much you care, how much thought you put into it and how much you value your relationship. 

When you take that into consideration, there are so many styles you can go for. That’s why today I’m giving you the choice of 5 awesome DIY Mother’s Day Cards.

Marvellous Mother’s Day Cards Made Easy On A Budget


Printable Cards - Header

Using Graphics For My Handmade Mother’s Day Cards

I decided to choose these wonderful designs from DesignBundles as they’re available in so many different styles, it will work perfectly. Not to mention, I can also sell whatever I make using the graphics from DesignBundles, how cool is that?! 

Yes! You can too because the commercial licenses are included. I haven’t managed to discover another platform that offers commercial licenses included in the base price (they can cost up to a few hundred quid). You can then also get mockups on DesignBundles. Using Canva again, you can simply overlay your card designs onto these ‘mock’ backgrounds, like desks or walls. Mockups are traditionally used by designers for promotional materials; images, brochures, catalogues etc.


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Two Printable Mother’s Day Cards: 

Of course, mother’s day cards aren’t just for ‘mums’. Some may have lost their parents and have a relative who has stepped into the Mother role, so you can make a heartfelt card for anyone using these graphics. 


How To Make & Print Mother’s Day Cards


Printable mother's day card for Nana


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Printing Handmade Mother’s Day Cards: 

I recommend using the free version of Adobe Acrobat DC PDF reader, choose the first link for the Free option (no trial period).

These instructions are going to be for a mac, but the interface is rather similar, they may just be named different things. 

Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF Print Settings

Open the PDF and hit the print button. Before we commence printing though, we need to double-check all of our settings. Hit ‘advanced’ in the top corner.


Mother's Day Cards - Print as Image at 300 DPI
Ensure that ‘print as image’ is selected at 300dpi. Then click ‘ok’.


Mother's day cards - Printer settings
Back at the window for all settings, you must navigate to the bottom left corner and hit ‘printer’. Ensure your printer is selected from the drop-down menu at the top, ‘color’ must be selected. Double-check that the ‘Media & Quality’ is selected, I usually choose cover page to try and get a high-quality print. For Media Type, I selected premium matte paper even though I was using bright white A4 cardstock. If you like, you can do small print tests for each to see which is best. Using the slider, ensure it’s at ‘best’ then hit ‘print’.


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Cutting, Folding and Decorating

Now it’s time to cut the cards, we want to remove the grey line above or below the card so use a paper trimmer to get rid of it.


Mother's day cards - use a bone folder

Use the middle grey line to act as a guide for folding, then use a bone folder or the back of a knife to ensure the crease is crisp. 


Printable mother's day cards - folded

Find a pretty washi tape to hide the spine and trim the ends very carefully. 

Mother's day cards - washi tape decor


Bonus ‘Hand Lettered’ Cards Using Real Pens

Hand lettered mother's day cards

You can still print the following designs, but I wanted to test the Cricut Joy and their glitter pens so I decided to see what the print quality was like. If you have a Cricut Maker, you can do the same. You simply need the pen sets. 


Cricut joy using Pens

I uploaded the PNG files to the design space and added the pen to the little clamp. When I added the PNG file to the canvas within DesignSpace, make the png smaller, then hit ‘make’.


Cricut Joy Pens - Mother's day cards

When you hit ‘make’, you can then select the card size and use the card mat to insert into the Cricut Joy, and continue. Let the machine work away and then I decided I actually wanted my lines filled in and did those by hand. But you can do them with filled lines using the machine. I just wanted to see how it looked first as an outline.

Close up of Cricut Glitter pens


Mother's day cards to make and print on a budget

Et Voila!  Your Mother’s Day Cards Are Ready 

Making an impactful Mother’s day card may be incredibly daunting.  Invest enough time and choose the type of card designs that suits your mum (or mother figure) and her personality. As you can see, you can buy the graphics (with commercial licenses) for a few pounds. Then you need some bright white card stock and you’re ready to go. 


Mother's day cards to make and print - Handmade cards


Join The Craft Room Transformation Challenge!

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24 Delicious Healthy(ish) Recipes for Every Meal

24 delicious healthy recipes from over the years that have helped me get back into better eating habits.

Images of healthy recipe ideas for every meal

One of the #smallchangesinstead that I have on my list this year is (slowly) kicking bad food habits, by eating at least ONE healthier meal per day.

The idea is that one healthy meal will lead to another and another. But to start, the goal is just one a day, which feels like a solid baby step toward making bigger changes in the long run. Anyone else feel like they could use a fresh approach to healthy meals?

I’ve rounded up 24 delicious healthy(ish) recipes to make it as easy as possible to get started. And this list is filled with the good stuff! I’m not talking about calling it a day with a boring salad over here. There are smoothie bowl ideas, muffin recipes, mini flatbread pizzas, tacos…even desserts! And they’re all categorized by meal too: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert.

Healthy breakfast ideas, featuring smoothies, bowls, and muffins.

Healthier Breakfast Recipes

1. Chia Seed Fruit Parfait

So not only does this recipe look beautiful. It tastes AMAZING too. And it’s super healthy. Chia seeds are extremely healthy with lots of fiber, quality protein, and tons of antioxidants. That makes chia seeds the perfect ingredient in a healthier recipe.

2. Easiest Smoothie Bowls

When I say easiest, I really mean it. The base of the bowl is just 2 ingredients. Everything else is up to you, and this post if full of good suggestions of what to add to your smoothie bowl. Me? I love adding berries, peanut butter, and some coconut flakes. That’s the best part about these smoothie bowls is that you can customize it however you like!

3. Pina Colada Yogurt

I know what you’re thinking. A pina colada for breakfast? Uh, yes please. This yogurt recipe is super delicious with a ton a great and healthy ingredients. It also can be made vegan with non-dairy yogurt and is sweet enough to be served as a desert too (while still being pretty healthy).

4. Green Smoothie

I couldn’t have a healthier recipe list without a green smoothie. But this smoothie isn’t like your average yucky green smoothie. This one is delicious and packed with super healthy things like spinach, chia seeds, and hemp seeds. All the ingredients have lots of good nutrients and will fill you up making this the perfect healthy breakfast.

5. Pumpkin Muffins

Like I said, we’re looking for healthier recipes and this one definitely falls into that category. Why? Because it’s got a little bit of sugar, but it also has some great ingredients that are really healthy. Firstly, pumpkin is full of iron, zinc, and fiber. AND its an antioxidant which boosts your immune system. Rolled oats are also super good for you and are really filling so you don’t have to eat a lot to feel full.

6. Chia Seed Smoothie

Another delicious chia seed recipe. Who can resist all the healthy breakfast options chia seeds can give you? They fill you up quickly and are really nutritious. And they make the perfect match for delicious fruits in this healthy smoothie recipe.

Lunch images for healthy ideas, like salads and pizzas.

Healthier Lunch Recipes

1. Apple Coleslaw

A fresh recipe perfect for a packed lunch. You can add it to sandwiches (which are PERFECT for packed lunches). Or keep it easy and eat it alone at home for a light healthy lunch recipe.

2. Summer Salads (there are 3 salad recipes for this one)

So technically there are 3 healthy recipes in this post so you’re getting a little bit of a deal here. And all three of them are equally delicious and nutritious. These salads are perfect for making in large quantities and keeping in the fridge to snack on the whole week.

3. Watermelon Feta Salad

A yummy summer salad recipe! It’s best to wait until watermelons are in season to try this healthy recipe out. But when they are, you have to make this. Watermelons are not only a wonderful;y delicious summer fruit. They’re also very high in fiber and help you stay hydrated in the warmer (and sweatier) months.

4. Naan Flatbread Pizza

I equate this recipe to an adult lunchable. Pack all the things you need to put this little naan pizza together, and make it right from your desk. You can also skip the naan all together and the left over ingredients make for an awesome little salad.

5. Strawberry and Pecan Salad

Putting a sweet spin on salad. Pecans are the costar of this healthy salad recipe which is good because they’re super good for you. Pecans help stabilize cholesterol, are rich in fiber, and are packing with protein. Which helps keep you energized and full for the whole work day.

6. Peach and Prosciutto Caprese Salad

The picture alone makes my mouth water. And while prosciutto isn’t the best, this is a healthier option to, say, a burger or anything else you could eat. But if it isn’t making the healthy recipe cut, nix the prosciutto and replace it with vegan bacon for a healthier alternative.

Healthy dinner options that taste good - like tacos, soup, and pasta.

Healthier Dinner Recipes

1. Seafood Pasta Recipe

So a lot of people think pasta isn’t super healthy. But there are lots of different types of pasta and some are healthier than others. I like to use Banza pastas because they’re gluten free and made from chickpeas which are lower in carbs than regular pasta and are high in protein making this dish a filling meal.

2. Lemon and Herb Corn on the Cob

I know this isn’t technically a dinner recipe. But you can sure as heck pair this up with a lunch recipe above to make an amazing healthy meal. Corn has a lot of B12, folic acid, and iron. And lemons are equally healthy with lots of vitamin C. Which makes this a healthier dinner recipe for nights that you want a lighter meal.

3. White Bean Soup

This is a great recipe while the weather is still chilly and cold. This soup is SOUPER easy to make (get it?) and is full of delicious and healthy ingredients like… Sweet potatoes (which are full of fiber and are great for digestion) beans (which are full of protein making this a filling soup) and kale (which is a super food that is loaded with nutrients).

My mom has requested it several times recently when she comes to visit and I love making it because it’s so, so easy for feeding a crowd. Sometimes I bake garlic bread with it too, but since we’re going healthier, I’ll guess I’ll skip the bread for now.

4. Pineapple Mango Chicken Tacos

A sweet spin on a typically savory dish. These tacos are a healthier dinner option and are real tasty. If you’re looking for a vegan option, you can skip the chicken and add a meat alternative.

I’ve had the Gardein Meatless Chick’n Strips before and they’re not bad at all. Especially when they’re tossed with other yummy ingredients. Morningstar Farms has some too, which I think taste pretty good.

5. Grilled Tropical Shrimp Tacos

Another taco recipe because tacos are amazing. Am I right? This ones a great summer recipe because who doesn’t want to spend an awesome summer day grilling up some yummy shrimp for a healthier taco recipe? Shrimp is really good for you too with lots of omega-3s which are great for brain health. So in this case, gimme all the tacos. Haha.

As another option, skip the taco part all together and just do the skewered shrimp with the glaze (so good).

6. Corn and Asparagus Pasta Salad

Another pasta recipe you can make healthier with Banza pastas. I’m sure there are other pasta alternatives like this one too? If you know of any to suggest, let me know in the comments!

This one is also full of super nutritious veggies like asparagus. This healthy recipe is also a good one for lunch because you can pack your leftovers to take along with you in the morning.

Healthier dessert ideas that include popsicles, smoothies, and dessert pizzas.

Healthier Desert Recipes

1. Mini Dessert Pizzas

Dessert and pizza being used in the same sentence sounds a bit strange. Especially while talking about healthy recipes. But this recipe is very tasty (my dad used to make these when my brother and I were kids) and a healthier option. Equally satisfying to the average ice cream and cake dessert, btw.

2. Honey Yogurt Fig Pops

I originally made this as a breakfast recipe, but who says you can’t have breakfast for desert? Especially when its as tasty as this healthy recipe. I didn’t know this, but figs are great source of a wide variety of vitamins minerals like vitamin A, C, and K. And it has lots of potassium, magnesium, and zinc. All nutrients you need to stay in tip top shape.

3. Healthy Detox Pops

With healthy in the name, how could I not add this to the list. This popsicle really makes detoxing delicious which sounds like a difficult task. With nutrient dense foods like kale and spinach, this popsicle takes the cake (pun intended) as a healthy desert recipe.

4. No Bake Energy Balls

Looking for an easy dessert option? This healthy dessert recipe is for you. These no bake energy balls are as nutritious as they are delicious and I’m not just saying that. I mean, who doesn’t love a desert recipe with peanut butter and chocolate chips that is also healthy?

5. Healthy Creamsicle Smoothie

Just hearing creamsicle takes me back to summers as a kid. And this recipe is equally nostalgic as it is tasty. It’s a great alternative to processed desserts you find in a grocery store and full of vitamin C from all the oranges. It’s truly the perfect summer treat.

6. Berry and Mango Cream Popsicle

Berries and cream anyone? This popsicle recipe only has 3 ingredients so it’s super easy and really yummy. Plus, mangoes are so good for your digestion and berries are packed with antioxidants. So that makes for the perfect healthy dessert recipe.

And those are all my healthier recipes. I’m not sure if I could pick a favorite because I honestly love them all. But enough about me… I’m so curious to know which one of these is your favorite or if you have any go-to healthier recipes for getting back on track.

Which of these healthier recipes is your fave? What one do you think you’d be most likely to eat at home?

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The Easiest Positive Mental Health Habits You Need To Start Now

Implementing better mental health habits means you feel good about yourself. You feel good about others as well as being able to cope with your daily life. It’s possible that you will need to seek professional help, which I highly recommend.

You can start simply at home, finding ways to better your emotional health individually. That way you will be able to improve your mood and your overall well-being. Mindfulness meditation transformed my life back in 2014 and I would highly recommend to everyone and anyone to try.

Developing healthy mental health habits may seem like an uphill battle, and slightly overwhelming. Trust me when I tell you that practising little habits every day, can improve it. Small things add up and could make a huge difference to your happiness. You also get fully equipped emotionally so you can be able to overcome any future challenges in life, approaching everything with a surprising level head.

The Easiest Positive Mental Health Habits You Need To Start Now


Stop anxiety self meditation
Download This Free Self Hypnosis Track

1.Speak To Yourself With Kindness

According to a publication about , the way you think about yourself can adversely affect your feelings. (Uh Doi?) If you think about negative things about yourself, then your feelings to are going to be negative.

The best thing is to practice using positive words that will encourage you, give you hope, and motivation.  For instance, instead of saying to yourself, “I am not worth for that position. The interview was hard so that job is not mine”, try to tell yourself words like “Interviews are rarely easy but I know I’m ready for the challenge this job will bring”.


Implementing better mental health habits means you feel good about yourself. You feel good about others as well as being able to cope with your daily life. You want to know how to be mentally healthy and happy? It's possible! Looking after your mental health is SO important! Check out these activities to improve mental health. Self-care, exercise, eating healthy and getting serious about how you talk to yourself, be a little kinder to yourself and implement these small changes today! #selfcare

Download Your Free Printable Activities to improve Mental Health poster:


2. Focus on The Present, Also Known As Mindfulness

You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one. If you want to focus on the present, you must let go of the negative emotions or difficulties you encountered in the past.

Try to bring awareness to your day to day activities like eating lunch, having a walk in the park and many others. Every day try your best to bring your mind to focus on what you are doing at the moment.


3. Exercise

Research shows that physical exercise is good for our bodies as well as our minds. When you get at least 20 minutes of cardio activity every morning before you go to work, your body produces stress-relieving and mood-boosting endorphins and this helps to relieve anxiety and depression.

Try to incorporate exercise to your day like playing a team sport, working out, or going on a short walk every morning. Ensure you can get at least 30 minutes to exercise outdoors daily whether before you go to work or before. Remember, when you expose your body to sunlight, your body produces vitamin D that is helpful when it comes to the production of serotonin in the brain.

Healthy Meal Planning Bundle 2019


4. Mind What You Eat

Everything you consume affects all of you. Your brain, your organs, everything.  

What if there was just one thing standing between you and a healthier life?

I know it seems hard to believe but hear me out…

Healthy meals don’t just happen.

(Wouldn’t that be nice?)

You have to decide what you’re eating, make your list, buy the ingredients, and then prepare everything.

And the domino that starts it all is knowing what you’re going to eat.

In other words, the path to health begins with a plan.


5. Get Enough Sleep

Research has linked sleep deprivation to depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. Getting enough sleep makes you wake up the following day feeling well-rested and enables your mind to function well.

Therefore, try to have specific times when you go to bed and practice good habits before you go to sleep and your sleeping style plays a big role in your sleep quality, which means it might be time for you to switch it up.

In this case, you need to avoid watching TV or using your smartphone when it’s time to sleep as these habits could make you not to get better sleep. Also, avoid caffeinated drinks, I take two cups of coffee in the morning and no more after that. Everything after approximately 1 pm is decaffeinated. Whether it’s green tea or black tea, it’s all decaf!

Implementing better mental health habits means you feel good about yourself. You feel good about others as well as being able to cope with your daily life. You want to know how to be mentally healthy and happy? It's possible! Looking after your mental health is SO important! Check out these activities to improve mental health. Self-care, exercise, eating healthy and getting serious about how you talk to yourself, be a little kinder to yourself and implement these small changes today! #selfcare
Better Mental Health Habits – Bonus Tip


 You may also want to try using Pure Golden CBD Oils. We discovered these through these guys, UK CBD specialists Reactive Plus . The oil we used helped reduce anxiety and seemed to increase relaxation which helped sleep. Relentlessness throughout the night was also reduced ensuring a much deeper and rewarding nights rest. It may take a week or so for the CBD oils to take effect in the body , so beware of that if you are looking to try some.


  • Seek Professional Support When Needed

It does you no harm when you ask for professional support when it comes to matters to do with your mental health. If your mental health status gets serious, try your best to seek help from mental health professionals. Let your family members and friends know when you are in need.


Final Thoughts

It’s your time to take the next step to improve your mental health. Do not wait until it’s late. Remember, it’s easier to form new habits when your body and mind are still strong. Incorporate the things we have outlined above into your daily routine to improve your mental health today.

Implementing better mental health habits means you feel good about yourself. You feel good about others as well as being able to cope with your daily life. You want to know how to be mentally healthy and happy? It's possible! Looking after your mental health is SO important! Check out these activities to improve mental health. Self-care, exercise, eating healthy and getting serious about how you talk to yourself, be a little kinder to yourself and implement these small changes today! #selfcare


Join The Craft Room Transformation Challenge!

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Start an Online Craft Business Today + Free Store Planner

Are you ready to be your own boss? Have you been dying to learn how to start an online craft business but have been putting it off, procrastinating because you think it’s a huge job?

It’s pretty easy when you know how. Which is why I’m here to hold your hand and help you live the dream of working in your pj’s all dang day. We can drink coffee and hang out in our pj’s together. Productive PJ days are entirely possible!


Start an Online Craft Business Today + Free Store Planner

Quick Checklist:

  • Think of a Name
  • Check it’s not taken using resources shared below
  • Download the planner (below)
  • Get Hosting (<–get 60% discount through my link)
  • Sign Up For Your Free Shopify Trial
  • Use Your Planner for products, promos etc for the year
  • Add Pages to your store using resources below


Free Shopify Success Planner

The First Thing To Do When You Start An Online Craft Business:

Think Of A Name. Seriously, if you don’t have one lined up, then you should grab a piece of paper and do a brain dump. If you don’t know how to do that, don’t worry… it’s simple.

Write down the crafts you want to sell, some keywords associated to said crafts, then do a simple word association exercise.

Everything that you can think of.

If you get really stuck, then you can check out . Then, use a site like NameCheckr to make sure that all domains and social media handles are available for your business.

 How to start an online craft business - open a shopify store 

Next, When You Start A Craft Business, you need a domain

Purchase a domain and website hosting, I highly recommend A2 Hosting for this. It’s the company that I use and you can get 60% discount by using my link.

They have a phenomenal support team, and yes, they’ve held my hand on many occasion, so I know firsthand. Also, the prices are insanely affordable.


Download your free Shopify Success Planner

Download Your Free Shopify Success Planner:


To Start A Craft Business With Products? You need a store

Shopify is easy to use and affordable. Click here to claim that 14-day free trial. They’re an incredibly simple and secure platform to use.

If you already have an Etsy shop, you can import your items quickly and easily into your new Shopify store.

Now is an insanely exciting time to register and launch your Shopify store, because Shopify will be launching their Build a BIGGER Business Competition very soon.


Step 5; Opening The Shop and Setting up:

All you need to do first is enter your e-mail address to start your free trial.

Shopify Home screen

Set up your payment methods:

Your payment method is how you will get paid. Go to Payment Methods by going to Shopify Admin Dashboard>Settings>Payments.

You’ll see a few different options including Paypal, Shopify Payments, Amazon Payments, etc. Paypal is probably the most popular method of payment but choose whichever you prefer.

For Paypal, you input your PayPal email address to activate.

For Shopify payments, you’ll go through a short questionnaire to get set up with their payment service.


Shipping Methods:

In the Shipping Methods section, you’ll set your shipping rates for Local and International shipping. This section won’t take long at all.


Pick a Theme

Shopify staff has tested the themes in the Shopify store, and they only accept the very best of the best from theme developers.

I’m telling you this because there are a lot of themes floating around the interwebs and to get the best quality for your store, go with the ones chosen by Shopify.

There are both free and paid themes available.

To get to the theme store, go to Shopify Admin Dashboard>Online Store>Themes>Visit Theme Store (in the upper right-hand corner).

There are a lot of really nice themes in the Shopify store, and really, it’s a matter of preference.


Adding Pages

As with any online store, there are a few essential pages that you need to add before you will look like a legit online shop.

These pages would be;

  • An about me page/Our Story kind of thing
  • Shop Policies/Shipping Policies/Refund Policies
  • Contact Us
  • FAQ
  • T’s&C’s
  • Customer Reviews (If you have any from Etsy)
  • Privacy & Cookie Policy

To add a page, visit Shopify Admin Dashboard>Online Store>Pages

Adding Shopify Pages

Now the fun part!


Start a craft business - claim your free trial

Add your products

Head over to the Products section to add your store products.

That’s it! If your product belongs to a category, go to Collections to set up.

For example, if you are selling Kawaii Stationery and are categorising the stationery according to type, some Collection names might be Pens and Pencils, Journals and Notebooks, Planners, etc.

The Collection name will be visible when you’re adding listings so you can add products to the appropriate collection.

And that is it. Seriously. It’s not actually as scary or big as it seems.

One of my favourite online stores that uses Shopify is Fox And Star, my favourite Washi Tape and Stationery Emporium!


Now you know how to start an online craft business, what will you be selling? What will you be called? Are you excited?!

Start your craft business today and download your Free Shopify Store Planner.


Join The Craft Room Transformation Challenge!

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How To Sell On Etsy; A Profitable Printables Side Hustle

Ready to find out how to sell on Etsy? You can sell printables on sites like Etsy for a bit more money every month. Which is awesome news. My friend did that and managed to earn over $5,000 doing this last year! It’s also a great income stream for me via a private membership site.

Printables are digital files that a purchaser can buy, download, and print in their homes. And they’re VERY popular.

How To Sell On Etsy; A Profitable Printables Side Hustle 

The best bit when it comes to selling printables is that after you make the design, you’ll be able to sell unlimited copies with no extra work needed… it’s basically passive income!

The crazy part…?

Anyone can do it and zero experience is required!

How To Sell On Etsy; The Current Sellers

There are folks killing it when it comes to selling printables on Etsy. 

  • Had zero graphic design background
  • Didn’t think about themselves artistic
  • Had one or two of free hours per week
  • Never even heard of Etsy


20 Free Etsy Listings

This side hustle is that it’s primarily free to get started. It only costs twenty cents to list a product on Etsy! Or, if you’re brand new to selling on Etsy, you can get 20 free listings by following this link

All you need is a little guidance and push in the right direction.

I’m happy to announce that this week the Etsy Printables course is finally open for public enrollment once more!!


how to sell on etsy - printables

About The Etsy Printables Course:

You’ll learn everything from the best way to choose a product, produce your designs, open your Etsy store, and make a passive income stream.

Watch this explainer video: 

So now you know exactly what you’re going to get when you take the leap over to the Etsy Printables course.

That’s the great news! 

The bad news is… the course enrollment is only open until Sunday. 

Julie and Cody run a strict 4-day enrollment period to ensure that every course member gets the attention they deserve. Which is also great news for you. As it means you get the support that you need and are more likely to succeed. 

The course only opens for enrollment a couple of times per year so don’t miss your chance to get in! It launches THIS WEEK! 

To learn even more about selling printables on Etsy, click the link below:


Young Handsome Graphic designer using graphics tablet to do his work at desk

What’s included in the program?

  • 10 modules with video and text lessons to help you start your Etsy shop and design printables.
  • Assignments each week and lesson plan to keep you on track.
  • 30 days of free coaching in our Facebook group with expert support and Live Q&A sessions weekly.

P.S The Bonuses are INSANE!


How To Sell On Etsy:

Starting your Etsy store can be intimidating which is why I highly recommend doing your research.

It all boils down to:

  • Research your Niche
  • What products to sell
  • Naming your store
  • Opening your store
  • Creating Products
  • Creating Promotional images
  • Choosing effective keywords to target
  • Promoting your listings

Read How To Make And Sell Downloads (an in-depth guide)


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Discover 17 Ingenious Craft Room Storage Solutions!

When it comes to storage, sometimes it’s necessary to think outside the box and come up with clever ways to keep everything neat and tidy. Whether you are using storage furniture, DIY storage or end up hacking existing products for your craft supplies. Inspiration is everywhere.

If you’re anything at all like me… you have waaaaay too many craft supplies that need organized because you are never able to find anything.

Or, if you fancy treating yourself, you can see my favourite BUDGET friendly craft storage recommendations here.

Luckily, there are some awesome things you can do to free up space in your house, even if you are a little squeezed for space.


Before we begin with the organization ideas for your storage space…

17 Genius Craft Storage Solutions For Your Dream Space

Join The Craft Room Transformation Challenge!

Watch inside my DreamBox from The Original Scrapbox Company (will load)

If you’re ready to completely organize your craft room and organize it in a way that makes you craft MORE than you usually do…You can buy yours AND save $100 dollars right here! Don’t forget to use code HHMUK100 at checkout.

I absolutely LOVE seeing peoples crafty rooms and all of the creative, craft storage solutions I always seem to find! If you’ve been struggling to find the ideal home storage or storage units for your home office of crafting studio, you will be able to find something in this epic list to help you optimize storage space. Explore this list to find some rather excellent home organization ideas to organize art supplies of all types.


The DreamBox
Photo Credit: The Original Scrapbox Co


Use the Original Scrapbox Company coupon code HHMUK100 to save $100 if you want to get your mitts on one of these incredible sewing boxes. It just has so much storage available! Read my review here.


Knitting Storage Totes Are A Great Idea


Large tote bags like these, are brilliant for storing a wide range of things from children’s toys to nightwear, shoes, and towels. If you want to store yarn, definitely go for a waterproof bag. Just in case. There was an incident with coffee and I still get emotional talking about it.

They’re also highly convenient as they can be easily hung from pegs on the back of the door (check these out for pretty!) meaning they won’t take up much excess room at all.

Furthermore, tote bags are lightweight and easy to carry around so can be taken with you on family holidays without much problem!


Spinning Stationery Organizer


I own a gigantic version of this from approximately It stores pretty much.. all of my pens. Which is ideal. If you need to have all of your office supplies in one place, instead of everywhere else in your home, grab one of these mini carousels!


Torie Jayne's Acrylic Drawers
Photo Credit: Torie Jayne


I’ve been following Torie Jayne for years and I’m sure you can see why!

Her little sewing corner is absolutely beautiful and full of my favourite pastel shades.

Go up the wall with shelving and use acrylic drawers and organization to store your supplies.

Torie Jayne also has a giant dresser for her supplies and uses hooks and little wire baskets to store her fabric. Are we even going to talk about those Trunks?! Holy crap! They’re amazing. I’m in love with those colours. They’re my go-to shades for colour meditations.


Raskog Carts


This craft room is absolutely stunning! I’m obsessed with Raskog carts and the fact that this one has been utilised for sewing is ideal. Finding somewhere to store a sewing machine can be a genuine pain, this portable solution is fab.


Best Vinyl Storage Idea


Photo Credit: Silhouette School Blog

Did you know you could use a plastic bag organizer to store rolls of vinyl?!

You could use it to store contact paper, gift wrap, wallpaper or even giant knitting needles! Total genius move by Silhouette School


Pastel Crates
Photo Credit: Theias Mena (site no longer active)


Pastel shades are my favourite so this is a complete wall of happiness for me. Once you find the crates that you want to use, stock up on chalk paint!

>> Here is my recommendation for chalk paint, but if you’re on a budget, this is an excellent alternative.


Vintage Desk Organizer 


Photo Credit: Bergamot et Citron (no longer available)

I’ve featured something similar to this nifty organizer in the post 15 Amazing Craft Storage Ideas To Steal Now! for storing washi tape (my FAVOURITE type of stationery).

Using a DIY dowel rod organizer for organizing your sewing thread is a genius idea!!

To view more photos head over to Bergamot Et Citron (no instructions available).


The Secret Compartment Chair


Furniture takes up quite a bit of floor space, so if you’re thinking about buying new chairs, a bed or suite, look for designs with plenty of hidden storage. They’re my true secret weapon.

Sofas with storage underneath the seats are great for keeping everything from books to newspapers, and beds with pull out drawers often have the capacity to store spare bed sheets and pillow covers.

You can always customise your own chair like this fabulous little kiddos chair by Craptastic Katie.


Conquering the Fabric Pile
Photo Credit: Smile Like You Mean It


Don’t forget to add handles like these so you can pull it in and out easily! I love this idea and would love to create some units like those for the cupboard under our stairs. It has truly inspired me. Thanks Katie from Smile Like You Mean It Blog! These are my absolute favourite handles, they look so fancy.


Crates On Wall


Photo Credit: Natalme

You can always transform these gorgeous little crates into mini shelves like Natalme did! It’s such a smart idea!

There are many storage solutions for small spaces, but if you are pushed for space it’s well worth putting up some sturdy shelves.

Shelves or crates can be placed on any empty wall and have the ability to hold everything from photographs and ornaments to DVDs and folders.

What’s more, when you’re thinking about where to put the shelves, don’t forget about wasted wall space which often goes unused.


Flip Down Wall Art Desk
Photo Credit: We R Memory Keepers


These fold down desks are hugely popular and it’s very easy to see why. You can use them for crafting, homework or even as a base station in your kitchen if you don’t have much room.


Organised Sewing Supplies
Photo Credit: Messy Jessie


Another blogger that I’m a huge fan of is Messy Jessie.

Her quilting blog is incredible!!! It’s hard not to adore her little sewing space with lots of organization!


Modular Storage
Photo Credit: Decor By The Sea Shore


I’m a huge fan of modular storage, especially the one from Decor by the Sea Shore!


Craft Room In A Small Space


I am in love with the SewCanDo Small space sewing nook! Everything has been beautifully organised with a display desk from the Original Scrapbox Company, unfortunately, it’s no longer available but they have an amazing solution to keep your sewing accoutrements compact. But click the title to see the new and improved solution for sewers.

I need to decorate the small bedroom first before we see what money is left over for even more craft room furniture! We are now short on space so a little hustling will have to happen for sure.

Click through to see the amazing Sewing Station new and improved! SAVE $100 USING COUPON CODE HHMUK100



This DIY Wine crate storage is simply fabulous! You can buy similar crates right here.

Personally, I wouldn’t be bothered to create one of these because I’m incredibly lazy but it’s a really good tutorial.


Giant Peg Board 


Photo Credit: GingerSnapCrafts

Going up the walls and using a giant pegboard is a great idea for utilizing every available inch of space. I freakin love that pegboard AND I have that little spinning stationery carousel. It’s no longer available to purchase but this is a similar version if it had been hit by a ray gun and made smaller.


If you enjoy this post of excellent storage solutions, I would be so grateful if you would share it with your friends! Especially if they need help with their storage organization.

Craft Storage Solutions


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20 Wonderful Wedding Favour Ideas That’ll Save You So Much Money

Organizing a wedding can be nightmarish but when it comes to favours, they shouldn’t cause that much stress. That’s why I went and sourced the most popular wedding favour ideas for you to use for your big day. The best part? They won’t break the bank. Whether you want some food ideas, personalised wedding favours or even little plants, we’ve got you covered in this list. 


20 Wonderful Wedding Favour Ideas That’ll Save You So Much Money


Wedding Favour Ideas; Personalised Packaging, Gift Tags and Stickers: 


personalised gift tags for wedding guests

These little personalised gift tags work out at less than 2p per tag! Prefer to DIY your wedding favours? Having cheap tags like this can really make a lasting impression with your guests.


Related: 6 Personalised Wedding Decorations To Guarantee A Memorable Party


Personalised shot glasses for wedding guests

Custom shot glasses are a great way to give away something incredibly memorable for less than 60p per glass. You don’t have to settle for this shape of the shot glass, there are lots available to choose from and they’re all incredibly reasonably priced. 


personalised chair tags - wedding decoration

I’m rather obsessed with these personalised wedding chair signs that were featured in this post with 100 wedding favours under £1


personalised cookie bags

If you prefer to dish out some baked goods, personalised favour bags will go down a treat. featured in this rather marvellous post from Real Weddings all about 50p wedding favours


personalised wedding stickers

If you’ve already ordered your paper bags, these personalised stickers would work just as well. 


Wedding favors - personalised wine corks

If you really want to impress the pants off your guests, personalised wine stoppers are incredibly popular. They’re also a marvellous way to mark the occasion. My aunt has one from a cousin’s wedding that she still uses 20 years later. 


Food Wedding Favour Ideas: 


Drink and be merry

wedding favours - tea tubes

If some of your guests happen to suffer from chronic illness or they’re a tee-totaller *ahem to both*, getting actual tea like this is amazing. It’s useful, beautifully presented and it’s a best seller. So we know it’s incredibly popular! 


Wedding favour - personalised coffee bags

Depending on your heritage, tea or coffee is going to be more popular within certain groups of your friends and family. You could easily split the difference and buy half of your guest’s tea and a half with these personalised bags of coffee. If they don’t like what they have, they can always swap.


Let Them Eat Everything

'Mint to be' personalised wedding favours Etsy

These Mint To Be wedding favour ideas are quite possibly some of my fave! If you have 300 guests, these work out just over 32p per favour. Not bad huh? 


doughtnut wall wedding favour idea

I would love to wake up to a wall of doughnuts every single morning. This doughnut wall is an excellent way to offer food for your guests when they arrive at the reception. Generally, the time between the marriage and the reception is loooong. The professional photographer will whisk you away, so feeding the masses early is advised. 


sugared almonds as a wedding favour idea + hand stamped personalised tags

You can easily make 100 of these pretty cheaply. Amazon is a great place to source jars for making wedding favours. All you need now are sugared almonds, gift tags, twine, shearing scissors (to prevent the fabric fraying) and fabric scraps if you’re going the DIY route. 

Alternatively, some Etsy sellers have done the hard work for you;

chic wedding favour idea

These tubes are so luxurious and those personalised tags are absolutely stunning. Even if you were going the DIY route, with all of the supplies to make something like this, they’re a great price. 


wedding favours - chic sweet jars

Sweets never fail, with grown-ups and children alike. It’s easy to share sweets in style! 


Wedding Favours That Can Be Used After The Big Day: 

wedding favour idea - personalised names on perspex

These perspex names are so impressive! They’re also a fab idea to use as a wedding favour because they can be used as personalised coasters after the event. At approx £1.25 each, they’re a bit of a bargain and you could easily limit these favours for the top table.


Wedding favour - personalised soap bars

Personalised bars of soap are a wedding favour I would love to receive. They’re far more useful than that old classic; sugared almonds. 


wedding favour idea  - Personalised coozies

Depending on the time of year your wedding is, personalised drink coozies could be very useful, especially in hot weather. 


Succulent wedding favour ideas

Potted succulents are an adorable little favour to offer on your wedding day. I would be thrilled to receive all of these. Grab a little scrap ribbon and tie it around the pot with a personalised tag. Boom. Done and done. 


sow the seeds of love - wedding favour ideas

Sowing the seeds of love is a rather romantic idea, so of course, it’s perfect for a wedding. It’s a very touching symbol to represent your happy day. 


Antique key bottle opener wedding favour

These are BOTTLE OPENERS!!!! How cool are these?! I don’t even drink and I want one of each. If you go for these bad boys as your wedding favours, you get free tags. Check out all of the information here.


Wedding favour ideas - personalised candles

Personalised candles are incredibly popular because they provide a deep and caring connection to your guests. The majority of people will be incredibly grateful for the thought that has gone into your wedding favour ideas! 


What wedding favour ideas are you drawn to the most? 

If I were hosting a wedding reception, I think I would offer succulents because I love them. They symbolise hope, growth, care and tenderness which is the perfect symbol for your wedding day. 

Budget wedding favour ideas


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