Discover 17 Ingenious Craft Room Storage Solutions!

When it comes to storage, sometimes it’s necessary to think outside the box and come up with clever ways to keep everything neat and tidy. Whether you are using storage furniture, DIY storage or end up hacking existing products for your craft supplies. Inspiration is everywhere.

If you’re anything at all like me… you have waaaaay too many craft supplies that need organized because you are never able to find anything.

Or, if you fancy treating yourself, you can see my favourite BUDGET friendly craft storage recommendations here.

Luckily, there are some awesome things you can do to free up space in your house, even if you are a little squeezed for space.


Before we begin with the organization ideas for your storage space…

17 Genius Craft Storage Solutions For Your Dream Space

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I absolutely LOVE seeing peoples crafty rooms and all of the creative, craft storage solutions I always seem to find! If you’ve been struggling to find the ideal home storage or storage units for your home office of crafting studio, you will be able to find something in this epic list to help you optimize storage space. Explore this list to find some rather excellent home organization ideas to organize art supplies of all types.


The DreamBox
Photo Credit: The Original Scrapbox Co


Use the Original Scrapbox Company coupon code HHMUK100 to save $100 if you want to get your mitts on one of these incredible sewing boxes. It just has so much storage available! Read my review here.


Knitting Storage Totes Are A Great Idea


Large tote bags like these, are brilliant for storing a wide range of things from children’s toys to nightwear, shoes, and towels. If you want to store yarn, definitely go for a waterproof bag. Just in case. There was an incident with coffee and I still get emotional talking about it.

They’re also highly convenient as they can be easily hung from pegs on the back of the door (check these out for pretty!) meaning they won’t take up much excess room at all.

Furthermore, tote bags are lightweight and easy to carry around so can be taken with you on family holidays without much problem!


Spinning Stationery Organizer


I own a gigantic version of this from approximately It stores pretty much.. all of my pens. Which is ideal. If you need to have all of your office supplies in one place, instead of everywhere else in your home, grab one of these mini carousels!


Torie Jayne's Acrylic Drawers
Photo Credit: Torie Jayne


I’ve been following Torie Jayne for years and I’m sure you can see why!

Her little sewing corner is absolutely beautiful and full of my favourite pastel shades.

Go up the wall with shelving and use acrylic drawers and organization to store your supplies.

Torie Jayne also has a giant dresser for her supplies and uses hooks and little wire baskets to store her fabric. Are we even going to talk about those Trunks?! Holy crap! They’re amazing. I’m in love with those colours. They’re my go-to shades for colour meditations.


Raskog Carts


This craft room is absolutely stunning! I’m obsessed with Raskog carts and the fact that this one has been utilised for sewing is ideal. Finding somewhere to store a sewing machine can be a genuine pain, this portable solution is fab.


Best Vinyl Storage Idea


Photo Credit: Silhouette School Blog

Did you know you could use a plastic bag organizer to store rolls of vinyl?!

You could use it to store contact paper, gift wrap, wallpaper or even giant knitting needles! Total genius move by Silhouette School


Pastel Crates
Photo Credit: Theias Mena (site no longer active)


Pastel shades are my favourite so this is a complete wall of happiness for me. Once you find the crates that you want to use, stock up on chalk paint!

>> Here is my recommendation for chalk paint, but if you’re on a budget, this is an excellent alternative.


Vintage Desk Organizer 


Photo Credit: Bergamot et Citron (no longer available)

I’ve featured something similar to this nifty organizer in the post 15 Amazing Craft Storage Ideas To Steal Now! for storing washi tape (my FAVOURITE type of stationery).

Using a DIY dowel rod organizer for organizing your sewing thread is a genius idea!!

To view more photos head over to Bergamot Et Citron (no instructions available).


The Secret Compartment Chair


Furniture takes up quite a bit of floor space, so if you’re thinking about buying new chairs, a bed or suite, look for designs with plenty of hidden storage. They’re my true secret weapon.

Sofas with storage underneath the seats are great for keeping everything from books to newspapers, and beds with pull out drawers often have the capacity to store spare bed sheets and pillow covers.

You can always customise your own chair like this fabulous little kiddos chair by Craptastic Katie.


Conquering the Fabric Pile
Photo Credit: Smile Like You Mean It


Don’t forget to add handles like these so you can pull it in and out easily! I love this idea and would love to create some units like those for the cupboard under our stairs. It has truly inspired me. Thanks Katie from Smile Like You Mean It Blog! These are my absolute favourite handles, they look so fancy.


Crates On Wall


Photo Credit: Natalme

You can always transform these gorgeous little crates into mini shelves like Natalme did! It’s such a smart idea!

There are many storage solutions for small spaces, but if you are pushed for space it’s well worth putting up some sturdy shelves.

Shelves or crates can be placed on any empty wall and have the ability to hold everything from photographs and ornaments to DVDs and folders.

What’s more, when you’re thinking about where to put the shelves, don’t forget about wasted wall space which often goes unused.


Flip Down Wall Art Desk
Photo Credit: We R Memory Keepers


These fold down desks are hugely popular and it’s very easy to see why. You can use them for crafting, homework or even as a base station in your kitchen if you don’t have much room.


Organised Sewing Supplies
Photo Credit: Messy Jessie


Another blogger that I’m a huge fan of is Messy Jessie.

Her quilting blog is incredible!!! It’s hard not to adore her little sewing space with lots of organization!


Modular Storage
Photo Credit: Decor By The Sea Shore


I’m a huge fan of modular storage, especially the one from Decor by the Sea Shore!


Craft Room In A Small Space


I am in love with the SewCanDo Small space sewing nook! Everything has been beautifully organised with a display desk from the Original Scrapbox Company, unfortunately, it’s no longer available but they have an amazing solution to keep your sewing accoutrements compact. But click the title to see the new and improved solution for sewers.

I need to decorate the small bedroom first before we see what money is left over for even more craft room furniture! We are now short on space so a little hustling will have to happen for sure.

Click through to see the amazing Sewing Station new and improved! SAVE $100 USING COUPON CODE HHMUK100



This DIY Wine crate storage is simply fabulous! You can buy similar crates right here.

Personally, I wouldn’t be bothered to create one of these because I’m incredibly lazy but it’s a really good tutorial.


Giant Peg Board 


Photo Credit: GingerSnapCrafts

Going up the walls and using a giant pegboard is a great idea for utilizing every available inch of space. I freakin love that pegboard AND I have that little spinning stationery carousel. It’s no longer available to purchase but this is a similar version if it had been hit by a ray gun and made smaller.


If you enjoy this post of excellent storage solutions, I would be so grateful if you would share it with your friends! Especially if they need help with their storage organization.

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