Exquisitely Romantic Open Fireplace Ideas For Optimum Cozy

Today I’m sharing some rather stunning open fireplace ideas to help you make your living room somewhere you want to spend time.

One of the easiest ways to get more cosiness in your decor is by updating and decorating your fireplace. There’s nothing nicer than a quiet evening at home with your significant other getting snuggly.


Shabby chic open fireplace idea with flowers

Exquisitely Romantic Open Fireplace Ideas For Optimum Cozy

Decorating your fireplace is an excellent place to start. So what steps can you follow to make this a focal point and create the ultimate cosy setting? And how do you go about finding the perfect romantic fireplace for your home? Let’s find out!


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Enjoying wine in front of the fire

Staying In vs. Going Out – Why Staying In Doesn’t Have to be Boring 

It’s important to recognise the importance of quality time when spending the evening with a loved one. This involves spending time interacting with one another and talking in-depth. Without interruptions from others or a whole load of background noise.

So, choosing between spending the evening in your own home or at a crowded restaurant seems like a no-brainer. After all, the most popular eateries and clubs are often crowded and noisy. As someone who is incredibly sensitive to light and sound, that’s a living nightmare. It also makes it hard to enjoy a meaningful conversation that can be heard above all that noise.


mother of pearl open fireplace
I’m obsessed with the mother of pearl on that fireplace. It’s an absolutely stunning space and beach house.

Still Not Convinced? 

You’ll also have far greater freedom at home in terms of how you sit and connect with one another. Set the ambience with your slow jam of choice and some fairy lights for a snuggly night in with your boo.  

It’s also possible to combine lots of different activities in the comfort of your own home, whilst saving money. Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an intimate and rewarding experience.

You can even dance freely to a soundtrack of your choice, without bumping into others or showcasing your questionable moves to the rest of the world!


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Open Fireplace Ideas and Gathering Around the Fireplace

If you decide to spend a quiet, romantic night at home, there’s arguably nothing more gratifying than gathering around your fireplace. 

However, you need the right type of fireplace to serve as a focal point in your home – one that will ideally provide uncompromising views of its flames, and a striking surround or brick inset.

Stone open fireplace
This ‘open’ fireplace oozes romance and style in equal measure is the Infinity 880BF. It’s actually glass fronted which makes it a safe “open fireplace” to gather around. 

It’s also well-placed to serve as a focal point for the living room and your cosy night in, particularly if you deploy soft lighting to help the fireplace and its flames to stand out.


How to Decorate Your Open Fireplace ideas and Make it Cosy 

Regardless of the precise type of fireplace that you have, you can adorn and decorate it to create a cosy and inviting environment.

Certainly, fireplaces that replicate the look of real flames are what a lot of people want, as they’re indicative of warmth, coziness and romance. So, even if you don’t own a traditional wood-burning stove, you can achieve a similar look and feel in your home with minimum fuss.


decorate your open fireplace with candles
Stunning Fireplace example from Room for Tuesday 


Decorating the fireplace with candles is one of my favourite ways to get a cosy feel. This is generally considered to be a safe practice, so long as you don’t burn artificial logs or have a fireplace that features a pilot light.


beautiful ornate open fireplace ideas
Via A Blissful Nest


When decorating the fireplace, don’t forget to consider the overall look of the fireplace; the whole show. That means the fireplace, surround, mantle, and wall space above. 


via @bloominteriordesign_australia

Decorating Your Open Fireplace with Photos

In terms of the former, we’d recommend dotting the mantlepiece with old photographs or carefully selected vintage ornaments. It creates a reassuring sense of nostalgia that puts people at ease. You could also place some decorative flowers here, as these will also introduce a pleasant and alluring fragrance to the room.


Via the inspired room


As for the space located above the fireplace, why not consider hanging an eye-catching picture or an ornate mirror?

Your fireplace should be considered as a statement piece that creates a strong focal point, and one that can play a pivotal role in any cosy night in!


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