How To Choose The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners + Solutions

Make a wise decision! Knowing how to choose your very first sewing machine for beginners can be a daunting task. So, what is best for beginners? A capable yet simple model. Now I want to share how to find the perfect first sewing machine for yourself as a beginner. 

Seriously, no experience needed.  


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How To Choose The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners + Solutions


Back when I was buying my very first sewing machine for myself, I had a lot of questions on my mind. Where should I start searching? What should I look for? How do I know if I need some features or not? Am I hungry or do I just want a snack? Thankfully, I had my granny to help me out. 

Since you’re probably having similar or identical questions troubling you right now, you should try and find the right answers to them before you make the purchase. That way, you will be able to make the right choice and buy the best sewing machine for your needs.

It’s not an easy task, but fear not, you don’t have to do this alone. I’m here to help you with this endeavour, so just relax and read this article I have prepared for you.


What kind of amazing projects will you work on with your best sewing machine for beginners?

The most important question you need to ask yourself before buying a sewing machine, is what will you do with it? Depending on the type of projects you’ll be working on, you should search for different features and functions in a sewing machine. 

There are three main types of sewing work: repairs and alterations, home decor, and garment sewing.


Sewing Machine Feet

Repairs and alterations;

can be finished faster and easier with a free arm, a blind hem presser foot, and a blind hemming stitching function. The free arm will hold a sleeve or a pants leg in position for you, allowing you to sew cylindrical shapes with ease. The blind hem presser foot and stitch, on the other hand, will allow you to produce durable and professional-looking hemming results on any kind of clothing.


Home decor;

like curtain sewing, bedsheet making, sewing pillows, and similar decorative items is probably the easiest type of sewing work among the three I previously mentioned. A sewing machine with an automatic option is the best choice for you if you intend on working on these projects. Here’s a little free tip, try not to forget it.

Since curtains are usually pretty thick, search for a machine that can feed multiple layers of thick fabric and you’ll be able to alter or create them without any difficulties whatsoever.


Garment sewing;

is the final and most complex type of sewing work. Making any kind of clothing from scratch falls into this category. Sewing machines with just a few basic stitches can easily achieve everything you need from them for garment sewing. Search for these five features in a machine. Straight, zig-zag and stretch stitches, an automatic buttonholer, and the option to change the needle position that allows you to sew zippers. If you want your stitches to be extra durable, you’ll also want a backstitch option that reinforces your seams.


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Keep in mind that sewing with thick and tough materials like denim or leather can prove to be difficult for regular sewing machines. If you intend on working with such fabrics, you should look for a heavy-duty model. Sewing with delicate fabrics, on the other hand, requires a higher-quality model because cheap ones tend to rip light materials.


Set the budget: How much money are you able to spend on a beginner sewing machine?

I suggest that you buy the most expensive model you can afford. 


A suggestion from a friend

As long as you choose a sewing machine that has all the features you need, you won’t have any difficulties using it even though you’re a beginner. If you aren’t sure which one to choose, I suggest you get the Brother ST371HD because it is one of the best beginner-friendly models on the market. Not only that but it is also great for advanced users, which means that it will meet your demands even when you improve your skills considerably.

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Consider a second hand sewing machine + where to find a good second hand sewing machine

Of course, when choosing the best sewing machine for beginners look for one that meets your demands and is appropriate for the type of work you decided you’ll be focusing on.


If your budget is small, don’t buy a new machine. Find a used one instead. They are much more affordable but far superior to cheap new ones, try Amazon used section (under the buy buttons), Craigslist, PreLoved or Gumtree. And if their previous owner took proper care of it, you won’t even notice that it isn’t brand new.


Noise, accessories, weight


Sewing accessories on a  table

Should your new machine meet certain demands?

  • Some machines are noisy, others are almost completely silent. If you consider this important, check how much noise a machine makes before you buy it.
  • The weight is another factor that you shouldn’t consider trivial. Heavy machines are made of metal, light ones are made of plastic. In other words, heavy models are sturdier and more durable, and light models tend to break down more easily.
  • Accessories that come with the machine are always welcomed. The more the better, especially if you plan on sewing different kinds of projects.

The more the merrier! 


Sewing machine fabrics and accessories

Know the extra features you want your new best sewing machine for beginners to have

Here’s a list of some non-standard options that might prove to be very useful to you.

  • Automatic needle threading is a feature that saves your eyes by helping you thread the entire machine with a push of a lever.
  • Speed control slider allows you to adjust the stitching speed to a constant. No matter how hard you push the pedal, the speed will always remain the same.
  • Bright LED lighting is essential in my opinion. It saves your eyes by reducing the strain on them, and it allows you to sew at nighttime. It is also useful when you’re sewing with very dark fabrics and threads.
  • Automatic thread cutter will cut the thread for you with a push of a button when you finish sewing. No need to use scissors to do that, everything is automated.


Best sewing machine for beginners - investment

Use it wisely! 

Take action, improve your skills and fulfil the potential of your new best sewing machine for beginners.

When you get your new best sewing machine for beginners, it’s time to start working. Use the perks of the internet to find yourself some new tasks, learn new sewing skills and ultimately, present your unique creations to the world. The sky is the limit, but try to bust through it nonetheless!


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