Manage Stress Levels; Here Are 6 Terrifying Reasons Why You Must

So much is always going on in our lives that at times it becomes difficult for us to manage stress. No matter how hard we try, things are never going to be in our complete control and they most certainly are not always going to be in our favour.

While we can’t control what happens in our life, we still can learn to deal with the things that produce stress. 

Stress is extremely, and I can’t stress enough – extremely – bad for your health. It can cause serious damage and you will regret not attempting to de-stress. 

Manage Stress Levels; Here Are 6 Terrifying Reasons Why You Must

Here are some of the reasons you need to de-stress yourself – now. 

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Premature aging

Manage Stress Because It Can Lead To Premature Aging 

The first thing a constant phase of stress does is to begin to change your appearance. You start to look older, and your skin becomes dull. You may think that you can cover it up and that your skincare will control the damage, but you are wrong. 

I recently discovered that all women should have an eye cream regime from their 30’s onwards. I’m a little behind, but you should start. Start de-stressing now if you want to reverse the damage.


Reduce stress for the sake of your heart

Manage Stress Because It Is Bad for Your Heart 

Stress is directly linked to cardiac diseases. Constant stress will weaken your heart over time. You might not even realize it until it’s too late.  Adopt healthy habits that will help you improve the health of your heart and help you de-stress at the same time. Regular exercise and improving your eating habits are a great place to start. 


It Can Lead to Addiction 

The worst thing about stress is that it curbs your ability to think clearly and positively. You might try to look for unhealthy ways to deal with your stress. You may start to look for an escape through alcohol or drugs, and that will always end up one way – in addiction. 

Helping others is a great way to de-stress as it lifts your spirits.  Look around and help a struggling friend. If a loved one was not able to deal with their stress constructively and is now struggling with addiction, check out ARC Drug Rehab Centre and help them out. 

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Meditations, CBT and mindfulness are all wonderful complementary treatments; alongside anything recommended by the ARC centre. 


It Causes Obesity 

In many cases, people end up stress eating, and it causes obesity. Then you start stressing about gaining weight and the vicious cycle will never end. Take a hint when you crave something to eat every time you feel stressed. That’s a stress-eating starter pack.

Start working on it right there and then. Once you can identify that your stress is making you eat more, you can replace it with any healthy habit. For example, you could jog or exercise instead. It helps divert your attention and ultimately acts as a stress reliever. 

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If you are feeling the effects of stress on your weight, there are things that you can do to reduce the stress you’re experiencing and stop eating your problems. I’ve had to do them and I lost 10lbs without even noticing.

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Long disability caused by stress

It Can Lead to a Long-Term Disability 

Believe it or not, constant stress and poor stress management can lead you into a long-term disability. It can cause memory loss, and sometimes, even lead to a stroke. A stroke can cause lifelong disabilities or end your life immediately. Thankfully, stress is not why I’m disabled. My problem is a rare genetic disorder that affects my connective tissue. 


Lowered immune system caused by stress

It Weakens Your Immune System 

Are you experiencing illness more often? Stress is affecting and weakening your immune system. You are constantly sick and catch diseases easily. 


Bottom Line 

There is no simpler way to say it. Stress is bad.  You need to de-stress yourself now and live the happy and healthy life that you deserve. 

Why you need to reduce stress


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