This Money Saving Expert Shows You How To Cut Your Bills In Half

Costs are rising with inflation, but we all know that pay isn’t rising at the same level. That’s why the help of a money-saving expert is necessary sometimes. It’s getting harder to afford the things that we all wish we could. Taking the kids out for day trips, or going out on a date, means stretching your household budget.

But by taking control of your budget, you’ll have more money to do all the things you enjoy. Why not try these easy ways to reduce your household bills?

This Money Saving Expert Shows You How To Reduce Your Household Bills

1. Watch out for subscriptions

As a money-saving expert, this is one of the first ports of call. Have you signed up to services that you don’t even use? An on-demand TV subscription? Spotify? Your local gym?

Many people sign up for monthly or annual subscriptions, then get bored and stop using the service. If you don’t cancel straight away, you might forget completely. You could be paying, every month, for things that you don’t even use. If you actually use the service, then it’s not necessary to cancel unless you don’t feel as if you’re getting the value.

Go through your bank statement. Find any regular subscription costs, and cancel them if they’re not worth it.


Bullet journal weekly layout

2. Keep a bullet journal

A bullet journal, dedicated printable budgeting worksheets or one of these home management binders is one of the best tools you can use. Use them wisely. I like to use dedicated printables and stick them inside the bullet journal because it’s more portable than a full binder.

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If you use a bullet journal;

Write down every commitment, along with how much it will cost you. On payday, see how much you’re planning to spend on everything that’s written in your calendar. Set this money aside. Make sure you don’t overspend.

Keep your journal with you. Don’t agree to anything extra, like a night out with friends, until you’ve checked your budget and written it down in your journal.

Create cool bullet journal covers so that you actually enjoy using them.


3. Invest in home security systems

Whilst a home security system is an initial investment, you’ll find that it’s well worth the money. With a reliable home security system, you’ll benefit from valuable peace of mind. Some systems can even integrate seamlessly with your smart home setup.

Upgrade home security

According to the Insurance Research Council, theft makes up 6% of all household insurance claims. The average household insurance claim is $8,787.

Investing in household security, ideally externally monitored, means that you’re adding to your monthly bill. But, it’s also a chance to save and protect the things that you already own.


Woman's jogging shoes

4. Leave the car behind

Walking more often is good for your health, and even better for your bank balance.

If you can, skip the car and use the bus. Or, set off on your own two feet. You’ll save a lot on fuel, and reduce the risk of car maintenance costs.


Decorate a spring planter

5. Make DIY gifts like DIY Spring Planters

Special occasions (and there are so many) become extra household bills. Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions all add up to expensive costs.

Whilst DIY gifts are cheaper than shop-bought gifts, they won’t go unappreciated. In fact, people love getting something personal that’s been made with love.

Keep monthly bills down by saving money on gifts. Make something at home that shows you care. Your time will be your biggest expense, whilst your household budget stays intact.


6. Make use of cashback

Many credit cards offer cashback deals. Or, you can use cashback websites. Every time you buy or spend, see if there’s cashback to be earned. This makes every shopping trip, and every household bill, a little cheaper.

Some websites can take upwards of 6 months to give you the cashback you’ve earned. Don’t let that put you off. Save your cashback for a big annual spend, to cover the cost of Christmas.


reusing soda bottles on a wire fence to plant vegetables

7. Reuse, recycle and repair

Don’t throw anything out without thinking of other uses for it. Can you repair your old clothes, rather than saying goodbye?

Repairs take time, but they’re worth it.

By repairing things you already own, you’re keeping your household bills lower. You’re also helping the environment, by making sure that you don’t send much to the landfill.

It’s surprising how many ways you can reuse old clothes, or other things that you would have thrown away. When something breaks or gets damaged, do an online search and look for ideas before you give up on it completely.

recycled fruit bags turned into bird feeders

You know the net that oranges come in? It can be turned into a bird feeder and even scratched CDs can be turned into hanging decorations to keep unwanted animals at bay.

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What recycling tips have you tried for broken belongings?


Impressed woman looking at bank statements

The Final Word From Our Money Saving Expert

By utilizing these basic money-saving strategies brought to you by a money saving expert, you could save a small fortune. It may be difficult to adjust in the beginning, but soon these frugal habits will become second nature. 


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